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First of all, let us say that our tacos are the real thing. This means authentic tacos. With that in mind, be ready to taste the original combinations that Daddy's has to offer.
There is nothing better than a burrito stuffed with all of your favorite things. You get the proteins, you get the veggies and for sure you will get a full belly.
In the mood for something else? What about our delicious taco bowl. A dish with everything you get in the burrito without the calories of the tortilla. This can't get any better.

Try some of these combinations


Justin B
This place is legit. I had the brisket, spicy pork, fish, and a breakfast taco. After all of that, I wanted to order four more because they were so good. more testimonials

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Relax, you don't have to rush out of bed just to make it on time for breakfast, at Daddy's You can get breakfast tacos any time of the day.
Come grab a Margarita and toast with some street tacos, it's party time!

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  • Mon-Fri: 8AM - 10PM
  • Saturday: 7AM - 10PM
  • Sunday: 7AM - 10PM